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$100 Tattoo Gift Card

$ 100 
This is a $100 tattoo gift card. Once you have made this purchase, you will receive an e-mail with the digital gift card that you can then forward to the recipient whenever you like. Each gift card will have a unique number, making it impossible to be used by more than one person. Before accepting a gift card as payment, I will ask for the number associated with the gift card. Funds cannot be shared between more than one person. Terms: Gift card balance can only be used to purchase a tattoo. Gift card balance may not cover the entire cost of the tattoo desired and in such an event, customer must pay the remaining balance not covered by the gift card. If gift card balance surpasses the cost of the tattoo, the remainder can be used towards another tattoo, a tip, or goods bought in the studio during the appointment. Gift card can be used to pay for the $35 deposit required for all tattoo appointments. Gift cards do not expire. When booking a tattoo, it must be stated that client will pay using a gift card. Funds cannot be shared.
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